Extended Family

Amanda's family 
We enjoy spending time with our extended family.  We enjoy seeing them over holidays and on various visits.  Amanda's oldest brother lives in Arizona and we usually make it down there at least once/year to spend time with his family. The rest of Amanda's family lives in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.  We make it up there several times/year and love spending time with them.  There are ten nieces/nephews on Amanda's side of the family. We have a lot of fun when we're able to see them!

Tony's family

Most of Tony's family lives in Las Vegas; he also has a brother that lives in the Salt Lake area.  In addition, he has two siblings who live very close to us in our small town.  His sister lives next door with her husband and their 6 children; we see them often and love spending time with them.  We enjoy playing games, watching movies, and camping with them.  There are seventeen nieces/nephews on Tony's side. We occasionally all get together at a cabin with his family, which is a lot of fun. These trips usually include hiking, four-wheeling, and lots of board games. We always enjoy seeing Tony's family and spending time with them.