Our Story

Anniversary of having met, March 2010
At the time we met in 2005 Tony was self-employed and pursuing his Bachelor's degree. Amanda was teaching Special Education, grades K-3. We both had profiles on an online dating site. We exchanged a few emails, spoke a few times, and had our first date on March 5th. We went to The Garden Restaurant in Salt Lake City for our first date. We hit it off and started seeing each other quite frequently after that. (Every year we celebrate our anniversary of having met by going to a fancy restaurant on March 5th.)

One memorable date was our third date; Amanda had  mentioned to Tony that she liked visiting random small towns and that she'd never been to Tooele, a small town on the other side of the mountains in the Salt Lake Valley. We went to a local diner in Tooele, and then went way out in the middle of nowhere off of a dirt road. Tony pulled out a blanket, some hot cocoa, a constellation map, and background on the constellations he'd researched. We star-gazed, learned about the constellations we were looking at, and sipped warm cocoa. It was an amazing date.

We continued to see each other frequently and were soon inseparable. We took a trip to Arizona to meet Amanda's oldest brother and his family, as well as a few trips to Las Vegas to meet Tony's extended family. We had so much in common with our interests. Our personalities also fit very well together. We soon fell in love and were engaged in June.

Tony's proposal was very sweet as well. He sent Amanda on a scavenger hunt around the valley to different places we'd been during our time together, like the place up the canyon we had our first kiss, a restaurant where we had our first double date, and the elementary school Amanda taught that was a few miles from Tony's apartment. We ended the date with dinner at a fancy restaurant and a hike to a point that overlooks the entire Salt Lake Valley. Tony proposed there; it was very romantic.

We were married in August on a beautiful sunny day in the Jordan River Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We were surrounded by many loving family and friends that day. We honeymooned in San Diego and even took an impromptu trip to Tijuana.
Wedding, 2005
We came home from our honeymoon to our new town home we'd bought where Amanda continued teaching and Tony continued his job/schooling.

Fast forward seven and a half years and here we are today.  Tony works as the Deputy District Attorney in Lincoln County, Nevada (about 2.5 hours North of Las Vegas). Amanda teaches special education at a local elementary school. We feel so blessed to be able to be married to each other. We love life and look forward to sharing all the beauties it has to offer with a child someday.